Roulette is one of the most popular casino table games in the entire world, and that popularity extends to online environments as well. Roulette is played with a spinning wheel with numbered pockets and a small, marble-like ball. The croupier spins the wheel, drops the marble onto the wheel, and then waits for the action to come to a stop. The success or failure of a player’s bet is determined by where the ball lands. Simple bets consist of choosing red or black, odd or even, or a specific number.

Watch this short video tutorial on how to play live roulette courtesy of the William Hill live casino.

How to Play Live Roulette Video

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Practice Roulette Online – Free Play

Try playing online roulette below for free with play money. The below demo blackjack games uses a random number generator rather than real shuffled cards, but you can still practice and get comfortable with the game. We recommend practicing for free before playing with real dealers! Please be patient as the game loads…


The Best Places to Play Live Roulette Online


How Live Roulette Online Works

Online, most roulette games use a virtual wheel, ball, table and even action. It is all simply a matter of a random number generated and then applied in video game-like fashion. Live roulette online, on the other hand, is like being at an actual brick-and-mortar casino. Via audio-video streaming, the player can see the croupier, wheel, ball, table and action, and he or she can hear the croupier talk and the ball spin.

Live roulette online usually has a virtual component, particularly an onscreen computerized table that serves as the betting interface for the player. Virtual aspects like that remain in sync with the live action. Since player audio is not feasible, players chat with the croupier and amongst themselves using a chat interface. Players also have the option of views that accentuate immersion over detail or vice versa.


Benefits of Live Roulette Online

• Trustworthy and genuine
• Convenient and accessible
• Social interaction
• Real casino atmosphere
• Maximized bankroll

Playing live roulette online provides numerous advantages over playing the standard computerized game or live in an actual casino. Like any online play, live roulette is convenient. The bettor can play from the comfort of his home, or she can play from a hotel room using her smartphone. Unlike typical online play, live roulette is fully apparent. The player sees the wheel, ball and spin, and there’s never any question about whether or not the casino is playing fair. The player sees it all with his or her own eyes.

The greatest benefits of online play are the promotional structures, because lucrative bonuses allow the player to maximize the bankroll, which significantly increases long-term win odds. Brick-and-mortar casinos do provide comps, but they’re hardly the same thing and usually reserved for the high roller. Live roulette online is the perfect compromise between maximized odds and authentic roulette play.


Live Roulette Online Features and Options

Croupiers — Casinos that stream from within the UK must use licensed croupiers. Outside the UK, the casinos have more flexibility and may opt for beauty and charm over skill and polish.

Language and location — Most live roulette online services use the English language. However, not all croupiers are native English speakers, which can make a dramatic difference on your experience.

Free mode — This option is an arcade mode not played with actually money. It is an excellent option for non-gamblers, and a good opportunity for gamblers to try before they buy.

Welcome and reload bonuses — These bonuses provide a percentage of a deposit as a bonus each time a deposit is made, and they are integral to maximizing the overall value of a bankroll.

Roulette variants — Most live roulette hosts use a single-zero European wheel. Other options include an American, French or Asian wheel, or variants such as progressive or multi-ball roulette.

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